Taster Comics

To see our full library of comics, you can sign up here: https://radialbog9.uk/gamies/comicsdb/ (this link might change soon, so keep your eyes peeled!)

If you can’t sign up, are just too lazy or want an introduction to the main comic series, here you go!

Also just a quick heads up: This page was made by friendlygamer86 originally but i’ve just tweaked it for the new blog! ~Radialbog9

Super Mi’or

Super Mi’or is an ordinary mi’or until… A picnic blanket falls on top of him? And then mistaken to be a super hero by Super Cape? What kind of a backstory is that!? Join Super Mi’or and the rest of the Super Team on their wacky adventures!

Gamies Comics Adventures

Welcome to Gamies Comics Adventures, our comic series where there is no theme! follow Sticky the Stickman and friends on there zany adventures!